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Why choose Elletipi?


Because you can feel Elletipi quality with your own hands. For us, quality means designing a functional product that fully responds to the needs of the end user. By focusing on consumer demands, we can provide effective solutions to a large array of users, and thereby connect with and improve people’s lives, day after day. For us, quality is a fundamental part of our design process and product line, as well as our commercial partnerships, customer service, management approach and response to client requests.

Because Elletipi has a highly efficient organizational structure with eleven production lines that produce roughly 1,200,000 tons of polymer molds a year. Our facilities contain presses that can handle between 65–1,110 tons each. Thanks to our lean approach, our six assembly lines can manage a variety of workloads in an efficient, effective manner. We also have a mold warehouse and top-notch customer service.

Because we are a future-oriented company carrying out sustainable projects, such as our system for the recovery and recycling of plastic waste materials. We have invested in installing and implementing a cutting-edge adiabatic system in our production facility to optimize energy consumption. This is flanked by a self-generating energy production unit powered by a next-generation, 800 kw photovoltaic system. We also take great care to reduce and properly dispose of waste.

Because Elletipi developed its manufacturing processes according to the recent paradigm of Industry 4.0, along with a lean approach to management. For years, we have been implementing automated industrial procedures and new technologies. Our aim is to improve working conditions, and create new business models, as well as increase productivity and quality in our facilities.