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Philosophy, vision and mission

With Elletipi,
everything’s easier!

For decades, Elletipi has been meeting the needs of Italians, by observing the changes in their daily routines in the heart of any home — the kitchen. Even a basic accessory, such as a trash can, dish rack or utensil tray, reflects a unique approach to daily life.

The kitchen is not only a place for cooking, but also a place for coming together and bonding over food and conversation. Elletipi is always there to help you logically organize your kitchen space and increase its functionality. With our accessories, everything is easier!

Our Mission

Our mission is to meticulously design elegant, clean-styled accessories that you can't live without, which are simple, functional, easy to use and pleasantly practical.

Our core values are scored during every business assessment. All partnerships are based off honest, transparent, mutually beneficial relationships, defined by a shared purpose. We are also dedicated to:

  • Design & Quality: Made-in-Italy research and design are fundamental tools ensuring that simple household objects are both attractive and functional.
  • Innovation: We don’t take anything for granted; this is the only way we can create the foundations for building a yet-to-be-imagined future.
  • Competitiveness: The company’s bold approach, determination and ability for creative problem solving allows us to bring high-quality, Italian-designed, everyday household products to the global market.

Our Vision

Elletipi’s vision is summed up in the words of the classic Daft Punk song, whose success is due to its catchy melody, as well as the message of its lyrics:

  • Harder: We work harder to reach our goals, without ever giving up. The commitment and efforts made each day bring enormous satisfaction.
  • Better: Take a simple object and make it better to improve the lives of the end-user by transforming a banal action into an easy, enjoyable experience.
  • Faster: The world is evolving at an ever-increasing pace; accepting change and acting quickly is a challenge that creates value.
  • Stronger: Working quickly and efficiently makes everyone stronger: it benefits the company and its partners; builds partnerships; and satisfies customers.