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Components for Kitchen Units

Since 1954, Elletipi has been a market leader in kitchen-unit components, offering original, high-tech solutions and innovative designs that efficiently organize space.

We offer a myriad of space-saving solutions, including: durable trash cans with inner garbage pails in various colors; space-optimizing, under-sink kitchen-drawer organizers; utensil organizer trays made from wood, metal or plastic; and elegant dish racks for the countertop or kitchen cabinet.

We firmly believe everyone should enjoy using their kitchen!

Our products are easy to use and simple to install — the result of non-stop, in-house research and product development.

Our team of expert engineers and designers are skilled at optimizing space in a flexible, rational manner with a meticulous eye for aesthetics.

Solutions for a Better Life

“A design problem begins with a need” (L. B. Archer)

Elletipi designs and manufactures space-saving kitchen solutions, according to the highest industry standards and never compromising in terms of quality. While our products may appear to be mere ordinary household objects, they are actually designed to satisfy a specific need in a manner that is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing to look at.

We meticulously design useful, functional kitchen accessories that make a difference by being a pleasure to use. We understand that every kitchen has its own style, and offer our items in a wide array of materials, finishing, and looks — from classic to modern — providing each customer with the ideal item, while also offering the right balance between space-saving performance and an overall pleasant user experience.