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Freestanding Trash Cans

A simple waste bucket or an Elletipi freestanding, well-designed trash can that combines form and function?

Our durable, freestanding trash cans come in a wide array of sizes and volumes — from compact models to extra-large styles. Choose between classic designs or modular, multi-functional trash cans.

Control odors by closing your trash can with an optional filtered lid, and keep your recycling organized with our line of color-coded resin stickers.


Cover box

This range of stackable, modular, next-generation trash cans optimizes space inside a kitchen unit and is being constantly improved upon. Defined by a minimalist design, it comes in a wide range of sizes and volumes that respond to a variety of needs.


Bag Box

This evergreen range of trash cans is one of Elletipi’s most iconic, game-changing lines.