Free Standing Waste Bins

Our durable, freestanding trash cans come in a wide range of sizes and volumes — from compact models to extra-large styles. Choose between classic designs or modular, multi-functional trash cans.



The result of long term studies and continuous research for the best balance between aesthetics and functionality, attention to detail and solidity are the features of our Coverbox buckets. (designed by “Lineaguida”).
• Completely recyclable plastic. • Cuts in the center to allow the insertion of two bags per bucket. • The “multi-function” handles system is available in light grey colour, and it allows you to take hold of the bucket without removing the lid. It also blocks the bags. • They are produced in different sizes: 6 options for height and 5 for width. • May be supplied with a simple lid or one with an odor filter (which can be regenerated by washing for up to 50 times).