DooSide & Door Mount Waste Bin Swing-Outs

Waste holder systems to be connected to the kitchen door to extract the waste bin by opening the door. Wide choice of finishes and opening mechanisms.



The Automatic Opening by the door is an innovative system that allows the bucket to be closed. It is completely made of Polypropylene and Fiberglass reinforced Nylon, functional, extremely solid and durable over time. A basic product with minimal design, the result of an analysis in response to the demands of retailers and end customers. Designed to put the weight of the bucket on the kitchen base wall instead of the door, so it will not damage the hinge. The system can be mounted either on the right or left of the base, or one on top of the other. It is available with 19 and 25 qt bins, and can be subdivided further into a waste separation system within a single container.
Robust rotating bucket support made of reinforced nylon • Automatic lid opening and closing by opening the door • Available for containers with a capacity of 25 and 19 qt • Reversible fixing system on • Both the right and left sides of the kitchen base • Suitable for all hinges (allows maximum opening)

EASY 2.0

Simple and economic waste bin product line. The nylon support is fixed directly on the inside of the door, where it is also possible to hook on the containers of the Cover Box series.
• Completely recyclable nylon support • Bins are made of completely recyclable thermoplastic polypropylene of 19 and 25 qt • When necessary, the containers allow the insertion of two trash bags in a single container • Easy installation with only 4 screws • Easy to clean


Round dust bins directly fixed on the side of the cabinet
The lid opens automatically when the door is opened • Available in stainless steel finish, plastic or checkered aluminum • Easy to assemble • 11 qt capacity round bins • Can be mounted on the right or left side