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Built-In Trash Cans

Elletipi’s vast range of trash cans offers innovative solutions addressing the problem of daily waste management and recycling within kitchen units. Our flexible, entirely modular systems can be used inside various-sized cabinets to optimize space to its greatest potential. These multi-functional designs can be used not only for trash, but to organize other household items, such as cleaning products. They are easy to assemble and simple to use, and their minimalist designs are available in vast array of materials and finishings.


Pull-Out Trash Cans

Fully extendable, pull-out trash can systems. Available in a wide array of sizes, materials, finishings, volumes and number of containers.


Door-Mounted Trash Cans

Door-mounted trash can systems that can be accessed by opening the kitchen cabinet. Available in a wide array of materials, finishings and opening mechanisms.


Automatic-Opening Trash Cans

Trash can systems with automatic opening lids, making them easy to use in everyday life. Available in a wide array of materials, finishings, volumes, number of containers and opening mechanisms to meet all demands.


Built-In Trash Cans for Kitchen Units

Built-in trash can systems for kitchen cabinets. These pull-out styles have the option to be attached to cabinet doors. They are completely built-in to the kitchen unit, so as much space as possible can be used for waste management.


Built-In Pull-Out Trash Cans

This built-in pull-out trash can system attaches to the existing kitchen cabinet’s door.


Extra-Large Capacity Trash Cans

Extra-large trash can systems with each bin measuring over 18 liters (4.8 gallons).


Recycling Bins

Trash can systems with two or more bins.


Single Trash Can

Single trash can systems.